Arun East u3a Constitution

Arun East u3a Code of Conduct

Arun East u3a Data Protection Policy

Arun East u3a Safeguarding Policy

Arun East u3a Accessibility for Disabled Members

Arun East u3a Cancellation Policy for Outings and Trips

If a u3a member cancels a booking for an outing or trip then a refund will only be given if the booking can be taken over by another member. If this is not possible then a partial refund may be possible if the costs such as entry fees can be retrieved.

Arun East u3a Holidays

In accordance with the u3a Movement guidelines, the majority of holidays organised by Arun East u3a are contracted through groups travel companies. For each holiday the booking form, contract details and full information can be obtained from the specific holiday organiser, it is strongly advised that travel insurance is purchased – either personal or that offered at the time of booking.

Contracts & Commitments

All contracts and commitments (including verbal agreements) that commit Arun East u3a to any financial, legal (including insurance) or any other contractual liability must first be agreed with the Treasurer and Chairman. There are central systems that should be used for booking transport and venues. This applies to both Arun East u3a and group events.